Sites around the world

Due to the sustained globalisation of direct automotive suppliers and the development and service requirements associated with this, STG has aligned its strategy accordingly. At every one of these sites we are required to work in together with the local customers to fulfil the same expectations as those which we have been satisfying from our domestic site in Germany for many years.

Our efforts have been deployed to provide a now recognized level of standardization in terms of product designs and quality. As a global player, we now have common production high level automated technology but we also use common tooling to assure our customer base of the consistent level of quality of our products from every production site.

Our global footprint is presented below with operations in Germany (HQ), United-States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and China.

Production in China

Langfang LWB Machinery Co., Ltd
No.58 Hehua Road, LFDZ, PR China 065001
P: +86-316-6079891
F: +86-316-6079890

Production in Canada

LWB\ISE Canada
1635 Blvd Industriel, Magog, Quebec J1X 5B3, Canada
P: +1 819-769-0172
F: +1 819-769-0257

Production in USA

9160 Country Club Road, Piqua, Ohio 45356, USA
P: +1 937-778-3828
F: +1 937-778-3855

Production in Brazil

LWB/STG do Brasil Produtos Industriais Ltda.
Rua Antonio Ovídio Rodrigues, 571 – Distr. Indl. lll
13213-180 – Jundiaí, SP – Brasil
P: +55 11 4431 8820

Production in Mexico

LWB\ISE Mexico
Blvd Omega No 1650, Parque Industrial Santa Maria,
Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila, Mexico
P: +52 844 500 2400