Carriers perfectly produced, meeting customer requirements combined with seamless service worldwide: based on these premises, STG has been developing and manufacturing lanced and stamped carriers with state-of-the-art technology for more than 50 years.

The production of automobiles takes place worldwide in proximity to markets, the direct supplier companies (tier 1) naturally followed the OEMs to the respective locations and consequently STG followed that footprint.

Today, the locations of STG are located on four continents.

Product quality, process reliability, technology as well as consulting and service are secured at the same high level at every production site worldwide.

STG branches are currently located in Germany, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, China and Spain.

Every day, in every place and every time we have the best uncompromised customer benefit in mind: this is our understanding of quality at STG.

Best quality results from the use of state-of-the-art technology, optimal processes, the most suitable raw materials and a cooperative corporate philosophy that places the customer at the center of entrepreneurial activity.

Quality and customer orientation form the basis of STG's business activities.

STG has set itself the goal of providing its customers with individual support at every production site worldwide at any time with advice and service in achieving their corporate goals.

The range of services go from customer-specific consulting and development, the cost-optimized and timely production of carriers to all kinds to support with production-specific machines such as unwinding devices or spools.

Reliability, fairness and responsibility are the foundation of STG's corporate policy and are therefore an integral part of quality management.

As a supplier to the rubber industry, STG is integrated into the supply chain of the automotive industry and, of course, meets all requirements with regard to quality, safety and environmental management.

The perfect implementation of any customer requirement for products and processes is the goal of STG. In order to secure and document this endeavor, all processes are regularly reviewed and certified by external auditors at each of our global facilities.

In the 1960s, the idea was born to replace the previously used wire helical carrier with a metal carrier. The metal stamping technique was therefore used to achieve this result. The carrier then had a certain flexibility which was necessary for the installation and cornering.

As early as 1962, LWB developed and manufactured an automatic table stamping machine and the associated tools to produce metal carrier. The department of stamped carriers for the rubber profiles was created.

Over the years, this business evolved significantly and has become increasingly important for the sealing and fastening functions of rubber extrusions. The large growth in this area and the associated increased space requirement made repeated relocations of the production necessary. At its present location in Altdorf near Landshut, STG is in position to cope with the increased volumes with its machinery.

The next important step was the development of lanced carriers. Lanced carriers allow for increased number of meters with the same material without sacrificing quality, can be produced much faster and more efficient and allow higher degrees of freedom in the installation of finished profiles in the vehicle. Again, the close cooperation with LWB machinery paid off for STG: The sister company took over the development of the lance machines. The entire know-how in this area therefore remained under one roof. Short development times, fast communication and complete independence from third parties are still a major strength of STG versus it’s competition.

Manufacture of lever arms in the early days
Production site in Pfeffenhausen near Landshut
First stamped carrier production in Ascholtshausen
First stamped carrier production in Ascholtshausen
Production site in Ascholtshausen near Landshut
The beginning of a long success story 1962 in Oberlauterbach near Landshut

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STG Carrier is a member of the Steinl Group, a network of strong companies. The small structures, the identical understanding of quality and the close cooperation in every kind of project within the companies of the Steinl Group also benefits the customers of STG Carrier.