Carrier strips used in the production of sealing profiles are the core of STG's product offering. Our close ties to the plastic and rubber industry has been part of our history and thus we developed a wide range of solutions for sealing systems used in automotive and other industries.

STG carrier strips meet every requirement for accuracy of fit, process reliability and cost efficiency. No matter if it is a well proven stamped carrier or a customized lanced & stretched option.

The proximity to our sister company LWB Machinery also makes it possible to offer machines for further processing of profiles. Upon customer request unwinding devices and spools can be manufactured to specific needs.

Lanced carriers are characterized by their cost-effective manufacturing process as well as a wide variety of applications in the field of body seals.

These carriers can be made of steel or aluminum and are developed with a customer-oriented approach for respective applications. The tools used have a modular structure and guarantee reduced tool costs as well as fast sampling and delivery times.

Classic lanced carriers

Coined carriers

Single bridge ECO carriers

Multi-bridges ECO carriers

Stamped carriers have lost their importance over the years. The reasons are on the one hand the high material usage and the low manufacturing speed compared to lanced carriers. Nevertheless, this type of carrier has been proven for some applications, which is why they continue to be used.

One and two tracks carriers

Breakable one and two tracks carriers

Lightweight carriers

At STG, these uncut solid band are wrapped on customer spools, endlessly oscillating on bobbins, so that the customer can operate his extrusion equipment with reduced effort for a long time without material changes.