STG carrier strips details need to be integrated into our customer product specifications. That is why a need for competent and customer-oriented advice plays a key role at STG. Our experts help customers develop new products with all their know-how.

In cooperation with our customer, the STG technical team can develop application-oriented proposals that can be implemented worldwide based on minimal specifications.

Carrier designs can be manufactured quickly and inexpensively. This is made possible by a modular tooling system, material from qualified suppliers and our flexible production units.

STG purchases raw materials exclusively from certified suppliers who meet all quality standards. This applies to both steel and aluminum. The decisive factor here is the overall result of reliable delivery, quality, pricing and the ability to respond to market changes.

In-depth consulting, joint development of ideas as well as structured project management create the conditions for the realization of customized solutions.

Custom designed carriers for stamped and lanced options that are tailored to the customer's end-use and production needs require a thorough understanding of the market environment and individual customer needs. STG supports its customers with deep market and product knowledge to safeguard its leading position in the future.