Whether in-house design or production according to customer requirements: STG carrier strips are manufactured with STG tools. This ensures maximum flexibility and speed for STG and its customers when it comes to quickly responding to changes or challenges.

We can supply globally similar production and technology because our equipment’s are developed internally in an environment of continuous improvement. This always ensures the use of the latest technology to meet market requirements.

All improvements and innovations developed in our global network are continuously and comprehensively made available to the other group members for implementation in production processes.

Regardless of the location of its own production, the STG customer has the certainty of always receiving a consistently high-quality product from STG.

STG has long ago recognized the absolute need for reliable and well-executed welds. This applies both to the raw material that has not yet been processed as well as occasionally in the finished product.

R&D on aluminum, STG is developing new and future-oriented technologies in conjunction with external partners. These should improve the reliability of the welds and minimize the breakages and therefore production downtime at the customer side.

Highest quality, maximum flexibility and short reaction times can only be achieved if all processes within the production are perfectly coordinated. STG continuously monitors all processes in all stages of production, from design to delivery to the customer.

STG considers that control of all relevant process steps in production are indispensable to guarantee its customers secure and reliable supply of products and services.

STG designs and manufactures all types of steel and aluminum carriers. These include stamped, lanced and lanced & rolled products, but above all we can tailor carriers on customer request.

The necessary tools and machines are developed and manufactured internally. This enables optimum quality, maximum flexibility and highly competitive time and reliability.

It goes without saying that the facilities worldwide receive all the necessary means of production centrally from the headquarters in Altdorf. Any improvements, updates or new developments are immediately available to customers of STG at all locations. As a result, STG ensures consistent quality and safety for its customers all over the globe.